Welcome to the ENC1145: Writing about Public Service and Community Action collaborative portfolio. The efforts here are reflective of two separate first year composition courses with a service-learning component at The Florida State University. Students in this course were asked to choose a partnered organization to conduct five hours of community service and investigate the community issues and problems to which their respective organizations respond. After embarking on an ethnographic-style research project, students were tasked with creating media campaigns that targeted a specific audience to help the organizations accomplish their goals. As the course came to a close, students worked together to create collaborative portfolios to share their volunteer work, their multimedia projects, and their experiences in the course as a whole.


The portfolios and other course materials were compiled by the instructor in an effort to reflect on the work of the course and circulate the remarkable experiences each student has shared. As a whole, these portfolios demonstrate the values of our classroom community stressing the importance of collaboration, personal experiences, and opportunities for community involvement. Individually, the portfolios demonstrate the variety of experiences students had as the interacted with and worked toward representing communities within the Tallahassee area.

Course Materials